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Book launch and paper by Prof. Steve Case: Youth Justice: A Critical Introduction

Thursday 15th March @ 5.30pm:

University of Westminster Boardroom (309 Regent St.)

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Bringing together theory and practice, this book provides a balanced exposition of contemporary youth justice debates, including detailed discussions of governmental rationales and practical issues and an extensive evaluation of critical academic positions. It includes a range of features designed to engage and inspire students:

  • ‘Stop and think’: Activities challenging students to reflect on important issues.
  • ‘Conversations’: Discussions of key themes and issues from the perspectives and experiences of relevant stakeholders, including policy makers and activists.
  • ‘Telling it like it is’: Testimonies giving voice to the personalised, subjective and contentious viewpoints of youth justice influencers.
  • ‘Controversies and debates’: Prompts to stimulate students to question and critique established knowledge and understanding by considering alternative angles.
  • ‘Recurring theme alerts’: Boxes flagging up recurring themes in the developing construction of youth offending and youth justice.

This book is essential reading for students taking courses in youth justice, youth offending, youth crime, youth work and social policy.

More information about the book can be found on the Routledge website.


University of Westminster, Department of History, Sociology and Criminology – Seminar Series

15th June 2017 – University of Westminster, Regent Street Campus, 5pm

309 Regent Street London W1B 2HW

Turning Research into Action:  Knowledge Exchange between Young People, Academic Researchers & Practitioners

Speakers from the Youth Justice Network:

  1. Assan Ali: ‘Engaging People’
  1. Faith Gordon: ‘Children, Young People and the Media in a Post-Conflict, Transitioning Society: A Knowledge Exchange Case Study and Outcomes’
  1. Holly Powell-Jones:  ‘Recommendations for Future Policy-Making and Training: A Case Study of Youth Perspectives on “Risky” Social Media Content’


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